Script Writing

Perhaps you are already producing your own videos.  They look good, but something isn’t quite right.  You know you can do better but you haven’t put your finger on it yet.  It could be your content, not your idea or what you want to convey, but how you present your content could be a problem.

A solution to that problem could be script writing.  Even if you a producing vlogs that are 5, 10, even 15 minutes long, you still need a script.

One or two coaching session with me focusing on scripting and you’ll see immediate improvement in the quality of your content and videos.

There’s a method to properly constructing a script that allows you to tell great stories and hit all the important messaging required to engage your audience.

I’ve written hundreds of scripts.  It’s an essential step in the development of your videos.  It keeps you on point and takes away the risk of over repeating yourself, rambling, or losing your train of thought.



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