Why DIY with Bry

There’s a giant void in educating people on the creative and content side of video production.

There’s more than enough info on the tech side of things, cameras, audio, lighting, editing, etc.

But if you don’t have a handle on your content, your script writing, your on-camera presence, a video content strategy, then it doesn’t matter what camera and other bells and whistles you use.  And this is where I come in, to put creativity and content first.

You need to learn tech, and DIY with BRY covers that, but you need to embrace creativity and content as a core component to successful video production.

I’ve produced hundreds and hundreds of videos for broadcast, and as a solopreneur I have helped companies with successful internal and external video campaigns.  I know what works and what doesn’t.

Click on the orange bar below to set up a free consultation.  If you want to learn more about DIY with BRY take a look at the training and coaching programs we offer.

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